English for Sales and Marketing

English for Sales and Marketing

Great communication is imperative to Sales and Marketing. Effective communicators are persuasive because they are able to convince people by responding to their specific needs and can demonstrate exactly how a product or feature will help their buyer. Sales communication skills are by far the most important attribute in Sales and Marketing personnel. The 3 months course in "English for Sales and Marketing" from Global Teacher Training Academy (GTT Academy) helps you to do just that. Individuals who wish to excel in the field of Sales and Marketing and having a flair bent of speaking and attracting customers are well suited for this program. The course specifically focuses on teaching learners how to effectively sell and market products and services to English speaking clients, both online and offline. The course could be completed with ease through flexible online learning method. The certificate which is globally accepted and awarded on completion of the course can prove to be highly beneficial for those who wish to succeed in the fields of Sales and Marketing.
•    Teaches you to negotiate successfully and professionally.

•    Confidently market products and services using technical vocabulary, eye-catching slogans, cultural sensitivity and engaging media to the international shopper.

•    To offer quality advice and support about your products and services to international customers.

•    Fully engage with international customers, catching their attention and persuading them to do business with you.

To be formally eligible for the Certificate course, the minimum qualification is standard 10 pass and above.
•    Aspiring Individuals- Who look forward to successful career as a Sales and Marketing Personnel.

•    Practicing Sales and Marketing Professionals- Who want to upgrade their existing skill set for better results.

•    Entrepreneurs- Who would like to better market their products or launch a market strategy to launch a new product.

•    Career Changers- Who look forward to take entry into Sales and Marketing field.

Phase 1
•    Prospecting new clients
Phase 2
•    Making an appointment with a potential client
Phase 3
•    Opening a Sales Pitch
Phase 4
•    Linking your principal ideas during the Sales Presentation
Phase 5
•    Negotiating Successfully
Phase 6
•    Closing a deal
Phase 7
•    Defining a Specific Target Market for a Product, Service and Brand
Phase 8
•    Organizing an Advertising Campaign
Phase 9
•    Launching a Market strategy to launch a new Product
Phase 10
•    Dealing with competition and developing your compan
At GTT Academy our courses are designed around the core teaching principles to help teachers continue their development and improve the lives of their students. GTT Academy offers well-tailored teacher training courses for aspiring as well as active teachers planning to upgrade to step into the world of early childhood education through ONLINE and DISTANCE learning Mode.

ONLINE Learning Mode

In Online mode, the course materials are sent to the students directly through email. They can access it and study whenever they want.
This is the most flexible method of learning as the candidates who have time constraints can complete the course at their convenient time.
Students both from India and abroad can avail this mode.

•    Course materials sent online through email.
•    Full Tutor Support
•    Online MCQ and Teaching assignments
English for Sales and Marketing is designed for individuals who wish to excel in the field of Sales and Marketing  .You need eligibility criteria of completion of Grade 10 and above to apply for this Online course .You may pursue this course by spending a reasonable fee of 12000 INR + GST or 194 USD along with tutor guidance and course material support .
All our courses are monitored by ALAP (Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals) supported by a group of highly educated and esteemed panel of academicians who are expert in the field of English language teaching.  You can be assured that when you choose an English Proficiency Course from Global Teacher Training Academy, you are achieving the highest quality English Language Training and recognition. All our English Proficiency Courses are externally accredited by an award winning UK based organisation.  On successful completion of each course, you will be awarded with a certificate acknowledging the achievement of a specified level of proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing English for a specified purpose.
The experienced trainers of GTT Academy assess and evaluate the progress of each and every student and provide feedback and suggestions accordingly so that each individual student may work on both their strength and weakness.
The trainers also assess the candidates to point out the fields in which they need to improve such as practice-teaching or the understanding of a particular topic.
The trainers guide the students extensively in completing their assigned projects. If, while completing the project a student faces a problem, he or she can get in touch with the trainer who will help the student immediately by providing tips on the subject. Students can contact their tutor from Monday to Sunday between 10 A.M to 7:30 pm by phone, email
The trainees enrolling in any of the courses of GTT Academy can expect complete guidance from the experienced tutors of who are committed to helping the trainees to achieve their learning goals. Experienced tutors provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content.
Tutors take help of the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students.
At the GTT Academy we have experienced tutors that help shape the learning curve of the learners.
The assessments actually help trainees understand exactly where they are lacking and identify the room for change. Once the assessments are well documented and sent to learners, they will be awarded a globally recognized certificate that will fetch a lot of new job opportunities globally. Learners will be able to teach in an internationally accepted environment and gain recognition.
A lot of importance is given on the evaluation process and the tutors take a maximum of 7 to 10 days to evaluate the assignments. The trainees can expect a thorough evaluation in the form of errors being pointed out along with encouraging remarks which boost their confidence level.

Note- The course material can be accessed and read in any order, however it is recommended to progress Phase wise as has been stated above. The next assessment (whether it be test or assignment) is not opened until the previous one has been completed successfully.

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